Messika’s “Move” on Passeig de Gràcia, 66

Messika’s “Move” on Passeig de Gràcia, 66


With more than 450 points of sale worldwide, Messika is one of the most renown specialised-diamond jeweller’s of fine jewelry. And it is now arriving to the famous and luxurious Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona to corner the Spanish market. 

Maison Messika is not only a prestigious jewellery brand, it is also and above all the history of a family. Indeed, created in 2005 by Valérie Messika, today’s creative director and owner became passionate about diamonds at an early age while travelling together with her brother and father, the famous diamond dealer André Messika, and learning how to find and negotiate the most beautiful diamonds in the world.


In 2007 Messika’s first collection called “MOVE” was launched and has been, since then, their most recognisable signature. This collection, which includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even masculine rings and bangles among other pieces, is an innovative pure design of jewels always featuring three diamonds moving freely. For Valérie the three precious stones are a symbol of the love of yesterday, today and tomorrow and move as time does. 

In its Parisian atelier, 20 professionals fuse skillfully and in perfect harmony the delicacy of diamonds and the strength of gold into a modern piece of jewellery that has become a classic and a must-have for any woman. 

On top of this well-known collection, its 20 jewellery collections and the creation of 100 new models every year offer the customer a wide range to choose from. In the heart of the French capital, a number of artisans are part of the great team who helps making Valérie Messika’s unique ideas come true.


Like its diamonds, Maison Messika is always in motion at an ever growing speed. Maison Messika launched its very first High Jewellery collection in 2012. The year after was the occasion for the jewellery house to open its first flagship store at Rue San Honoré in Paris.

What came after is a non-stop race, reaping the fruits of a constant and dedicated work. 2014 was the year of Messika’s participation in the Journées de la Haute-Joaillerie, one of the most important exhibitions in the sector. In 2015 the house was celebrating its 10-year anniversary with 10 High Jewellery sets and the opening of their first High-Jewellery Workshop in the French capital. 2016 saw the publication of their first book, authored by Vivienne Becker and edited by the prestigious publisher Assouline Publishing, and since 2017 Messika has had so many important events that it would be impossible to name them all: the launch of several new High Jewellery collections, the participation of celebrities like Gigi Hadid or Kate Moss in their campaigns and the opening of shops around the world among others.


 Keep informed because that is only the beginning of a long life story between diamonds and Barcelona.