Messika arrives to Spain, the beginning of a shining love story!

Messika arrives to Spain, the beginning of a shining love story!


Messika, the French diamond-specialised jewellery, now bets on Barcelona and opens a new shop on the number 66 of the luxurious Passeig de Gràcia, in the historic Casa Marfá.  

Founded in 2005 by Valérie Messika, famous diamond dealer André Messika’s daughter, the jewellery has gained in fame and reputation not only thanks to the quality and uniqueness of its designs, but also to the loyal celebrities like Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Kristen Stewart or Charlize Theron among others who choose the brand once and again for their appearances on the carpets.

On top of that, other great names of the screens and catwalks who cherish firm’s motto “Nothing but diamond” have collaborated in the process of creation of several collections.


Everything began in 2017 with Gigi Hadid, representing a turning point for Messika. The famous North American model and Messika’s creative director Valérie Messika decided to work together combining their passions for fashion and diamonds creating a new collection of jewels where haute couture meets fine jewellery. 

The resulting 12-piece “Move addiction by Gigi Hadid” collection consists of earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. Gigi was the muse Valérie had been looking for as she could embody all the facets of the brand: international reputation, family values and an air of simplicity. Four additional pieces were then added to the collection: a choker, a long necklace, an ear cuff and a ring symbolising kind of a “haute couture jewelry”. Needless to say, that whoever owning one of these jewels has a treasure, even more since these pieces was a limited edition. 

In 2018 they did it again creating the more bohemian “My Soul” collection and succeeded again.


In 2019 Messika’s founder and creative director chose to cast three contemporary icons to collaborate in her creations: Kate Moss, Joan Smalls and Sylvia Hoeks.


One year later, the British supermodel repeated the experience working in close collaboration with Valérie Messika, shaping together a collection as eclectic as the architecture of the French capital. Working hand in hand with Valérie and as she did when she made skinny jeans, wild jackets and small black boots fashionable, imposing her own style whoever she was parading for, Kate Moss has influenced Messika into a “relaxed luxurious jewellery”, creating a sometimes colourful collection.


Messika greatly surprised its customers with a collection that is “as free as they are” to put it in both women’s words. The choice is so wide and versatile that no one can decide on only one piece: necklaces of different sizes and shapes, XXL earrings, rings, earcuffs, bracelets, ankle braces, chokers, bangles and even a jewel for a hat among other amazing and shining pieces. The different names given to the jewellery sets are also so inspirational: “liberated spirit”, “colour play”, “exotic charm”, “spirited wind”, “released sun”, “twisted wave”, “bohemian chic”, “independant icon” and “unchained soul” will invite you to a dream world that has become reality.


Another iconic name in Messika’s history in undoubtedly Beyoncé. However things have gone differently with Queen B. Indeed, since 2014 Beyoncé has shown her loyalty to the brand both at events and in her private life. But how do you think Messika’s founder reacted when she discovered that in 2018 Beyonce was wearing a High Jewelry set named “Persian Drops” in her clip. She was indeed wearing a Glam’Azone double ring in 2014 at the Louvre and posted on Instagram a picture of her finger pointing at the Mona Lisa. Well you have an idea for sure.


One of Valérie’s dreams was to design a piece for Beyoncé and she finally could make it true with an absolutely astonishing piece of jewellery perfect for a singer and musician. In February 2020 Beyoncé attended the 54th Annual Super Bowl in Miami with her husband Jay-Z and for this occasion, the wanted a special piece. The custom-made high jewellery choker specially imagined by Valérie is an evocation of rhythm, depicting the oscillation of equalizers thanks to diamond barrettes intertwined with a sequence of baguette and round diamonds. In the middle, a 17-carat pear diamond representing the sound puts the final touch to this masterpiece.


But that is not all! On 25th February, Beyoncé repeated the experience wearing the earrings of the diamond equalizer set during the Pre-GRAMMY and the GRAMMY gala.


Spanish celebrities also fall under Messika’s spell. Rosalía is a perfect example of it when she decided to wear a High Jewellery earcuff and the Toi & Moi and Concorde rings designed by Messika for the 2020 GRAMMY gala.