The Main Seasons for Traveling and Shopping in Countries Outside the European Union

The Main Seasons for Traveling and Shopping in Countries Outside the European Union

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Throughout the year, millions of visitors from other countries visit Barcelona and Passeig de Gràcia with the aim of discovering all the attractions that our city offers both tourists and locals.

Holidays in countries such as China, Russia or the United States are always an opportunity to travel to Barcelona and take advantage of these days of rest to go shopping, enjoy the gastronomy or visit the most important monuments of our city. That is why we are going to review the main holiday periods of some of the countries that bring more tourists to Barcelona.



January is usually a month in which Russian tourists travel abroad, due to the celebration of Orthodox Christmas on January 7th, meaning that, on these days, visitors of Russian origin also tend to spend more than usual.


The Chinese New Year, whose festivities are usually celebrated during the first half of February, is a time when there may be a large influx of tourists coming from China and Hong Kong.


Before the holiday period par excellence in our country, July is one of the months of the year with more affluence of visitors coming from other countries. Both American tourists, who celebrate the traditional 4th of July, and buyers coming from the Middle East, who usually travel to other countries after Ramadan, can bring about a strong increase in visitors to the shops, hotels and restaurants of Passeig de Gràcia throughout this month.

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The summer months still represent a season with a large influx of visitors coming from China and Russia. In addition, the Feast of Sacrifice (celebrated the second week of September) or Saudi Arabia’s National Day (August 23) will also bring an increase in visitors from Middle Eastern countries.


One of the countries with the highest number of visitors during October is China, whose National Day holiday and the subsequent Golden Week are the Chinese holiday period par excellence, being an occasion for many of its inhabitants to travel and go shopping.

Hong Kong can also bring visitors to Barcelona during these dates, with the Chung Yeung Festival, or the Double Ninth Festival (as it is the ninth day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar), a festival that is celebrated in other Asian countries such as neighboring China, Japan or India.

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