The best classical music arrives at the Café Vienés of the Casa Fuster Hotel

The best classical music arrives at the Café Vienés of the Casa Fuster Hotel


Under the name “Tardes de Clásica en el Café Vienés” (Classical Evenings at the Café Vienés), the emblematic Café Vienés of the Hotel Casa Fuster will be the setting for a varied repertoire of performances on the first Sunday of each month. This event will feature the best classical music as its main attraction, as well as performances of different instrumental formations, which will vary on every occasion, from a piano trio, to a string quartet, or even a quintet.

The inaugural performance, which will take place on Sunday 8 September, will be given by Ariadna R. Masafrets (violin), Beatríz Andrés (cello) and Daniel Ariño (piano), who will play pieces by Robert Gerhard, Claude Debussy and Clara Schumann.

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Entrance to the event is free with obligatory consumption. However, Café Vienés has prepared a ‘Special Classic Café Vienés Pack’ consisting of special pastries and a glass of Pere Ventura cava wine, which can be purchased by clicking on the following link.

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The Café Vienés opened its doors in 1933. Since its foundation, it has been put forward a program of classical music performances that made this space become the meeting place par excellence for lovers of music and culture in general. This feature has been maintained to this day, with events such as the aforementioned “Classical Evenings at the Café Vienés” or the now indispensable Jazz Nights in which the Café is transformed into a Jazz Club. These events have attracted artists and celebrities as remarkable as Woody Allen or Adrian Cunningham.