The Association of Paseo de Gracia was present at the Days of Premium Tourism and Shopping in Mexico, organized by Turespaña on November 21 to 24.
In this edition, the Association visited three of the main cities of the country to promote the Paseo de Gracia to travel agents and tour operators in the sector. These cities were: the capital City of Mexico, Guadalajara and Monterrey.

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We were able to enjoy a presentation session and an analysis of the Mexican market in which different speakers from the sector intervened. Said speakers presented the current situation of the Mexican tourist market through the current trends of tourism, tourist media today, giving special relevance to the rise of travel blogs, offline and online trends and premium tourism, in addition of the travel experiences.
An excellent dinner with a large number of companies from the tourism sector, as well as the speakers, was the final culmination.

work-mex-3 work-mex-4

From the Association we are very pleased with the great reception we had in these days. In each of the cities we visited, we had a large number of travel agents who were interested and enjoyed the offer of Barcelona and Paseo de Gracia in particular as a perfect destination for its clients.
More than a hundred agents and tour operators enjoyed the presentations we made to present our dear Paseo.

We hope that these days will help the Mexican tourism sector to have Barcelona as a holiday destination.


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