When April arrives, one of the most beautiful days lived by the citizens of Catalonia, the Sant Jordi Day.

And Casa Batlló has already prepared different activities to intensively enjoy a romantic day.

The modernist building made by Antoni Gaudí is a clear allegory to the legend of Sant Jordi: On the roof, the dragon’s back comes to life with the ceramic tiles in the form of scales and is crossed by the four-armed cross that evokes the triumphant sword of Sant Jordi. On the top floor we find a balcony in the shape of a flower, alluding to the princess’ balcony. On the lower floors, the remains of the dragon’s victims are located through the balconies in the shape of skulls.


From April 20 to May 12 you can discover “Inject Love”, an exhibition of Brusse and Hanse Cora where, through 23 works, you can reflect on the feelings that love generates or the absence of it.


The different sculptures, photographs and installations that are part of the exhibition propose to dialogue about love with a certain ironic tone, remembering how we have felt at some point in our lives in relation to romantic love.
This exhibition will be included in the price of the ticket and can be enjoyed during the tour of the Casa Batlló.


One of the characteristic features that distinguish Casa Batlló is its spectacular façade. For the third consecutive year, the balconies will be dressed with roses to look better than ever, an act that has already become a tradition of the city.


This “dress” will be held between April 20 and 23.


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