Music, drinks and gastronomy on Alaire Terrace

The Hotel Condes de Barcelona has reason to be proud and one of them is its spectacular Alaire terrace.

Completely renewed since a few months, you can enjoy the delicious cuisine directed by the prestigious Chef Martin Berasategui and one of the best views of the Paseo de Gracia from the 8th floor.


In the summer, in the evening, it is the perfect time to enjoy the new decoration by the interior designer Mercè Borrell and meet with friends and / or family.

You can relax with a delicious cocktail, a casual dinner with delicious tapas and hamburgers made by the team of Martin Berasategui or have a drink with live music.

In this last aspect, every night the terrace of Alaire is filled with all kinds of music so that a hot summer night becomes a unique evening.


Jazz, swing, funky, disco … and a great variety of musical styles will create the best soundtrack for the terrace sunsets.

Some of the groups that you can enjoy these summer nights are:

  • Carmen Porcar
  • Versioning classic blues, soul, jazz and bossa nova
  • Elvis Soul
  • Elvis Presley’s most intimate and lesser-known themes
  • Groovin’Bossa
  • Elegant jazz group formed by Eva Verde and Publio Delgado
  • Jabu Morales
  • Classics of Brazilian music combined with own songs
  • Johanna Zohler & Homar
  • A musical journey from the hand of two great female artists
  • Skinny Martini
  • Swing of the 50, pop of 90, groove forever
  • The Incredible Spanish Guitar
  • Duo of Spanish guitars that mix flamenco, boleros and jass
  • The Jartbreikers
  • Rescuing the best forgotten songs ever.
  • Tatsin & Aaizu Yazoo DJ’s (Thursday)
  • Welcome Nicholas
  • Karl Fink DJ (Sundays)
  • The funkiest man alive.

All musical sessions begin at 8:45 pm and you can follow the weekly full program on the hotel’s social networks.


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