Few days ago, the Passeig de Gràcia Association was present at the inauguration of the new Mahash Color Lounge, beside to Mahash Nail and Beauty, located at the Passatge dels Camps Elisis in Barcelona.

A lot of friends and customers gathered to discover this authentic laboratory where a creative team of colorists develops a new concept of beauty, in which each tone, each hair color is unique, as unique as each personality.


After the welcome parliaments by the management of the center, a demonstration of the services that one can choose in Mahash Color Lounge was carried out, all enlivened with music and a glass of sparkling champagne, perfect for engaging friendly talks on the new establishment.


Each person, a unique color

In Mahash they make an individual approach to beauty so that the colorful teachers, based on their extensive experience gained in the best halls of Europe, the United States and Russia, apply their knowledge, to achieve a personalized tone.


All the products used in Mahash are 100% ecological, helping nature in this way, as well as using the latest technologies in comic products that are under the constant control and testing of specialist teachers.
From the Passeig de Gràcia Association we wish you an extraordinary present and future.


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