After Christmas, it’s time to go back to the day to day. To overcome this return to routine, most establishments in Paseo de Gracia offer you an unbeatable plan: go on sale!

A perfect plan

During the next weeks, you can get special discounts on fashion items, accessories, jewelry or shoe stores that are in the 70 stores that you can find along the more than 1.5 km from Paseo de Gracia. And since we want you to enjoy the sales in style, we have allowed you to make some recommendations to live a perfect day.

• Although it is always a good time to go shopping, try to find a sunny day so you do not have to use the umbrella and have your hands free to carry your purchases. You never know how many bags you will have to carry! ;)


• Keep in mind that, now in winter, the closing hours of the establishments have changed, and they can open until 9 pm at the latest, so we recommend you to have breakfast at one of the bars that you can find on the Paseo and dedicate the morning to do your shopping. Of course, if you are more into shopping in the afternoon, surely the more than 30 restaurants in Paseo de Gracia will fill you with energy for an evening for your favorite stores.


• The length of the Paseo de Gracia invites you to make a full day of shopping with comfortable shoes. Your feet will thank you. Another option is to buy some good shoes in one of the many shoe stores that you will find in the Paseo and enjoy a perfect day.


• When you have finished your shopping, it is time to celebrate with a snack or a drink on a terrace of the Paseo, to relax after a long day and enjoy the unbeatable views provided by our beloved Paseo de Gracia.

Going on sale at the Paseo de Gracia is a must that, every shopping lover, will fascinate it.


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