With the arrival of February, spring is approaching and that is synonymous with a better time and our precious and loved sun.

So that this year you can wear an incredible skin of the face, Spaciomm Hotel Omm has designed a perfect program for you.

If the face is the mirror of the soul … make your soul more beautiful than ever!


The friends of Spaciomm have prepared a “Step by Step menu” from Monday to Friday consisting of:

  • A steam bath and hydromassage pool lasting about 30 minutes.
  • Next, a medical-aesthetic facial treatment with carboxiterapia that produces an immediate lifting effect and a deep exfoliation. This treatment will renew your skin, regenerating the skin surface and bring freshness and luminosity to your skin, as well as fighting the signs of aging.
  • Finally, nothing better than 10 minutes of relaxation with relaxing music and chromotherapy.

This promotion is valid during the month of February and you’ll  get it for only € 51!

An oasis of peace in the center of Barcelona

The Spaciomm is designed by the interior designers Sandra Tarruella and Isabel López  and its modern and elegant lines convey a great sense of comfort where the only important thing is your well-being.


In addition to the Step by Step treatment, you will find a large number of treatments for all tastes such as four-hand massages, Ayurvedic therapies and relaxation techniques such as shiatsu.


If you prefer, you can give away any of the treatments with a gift card … as for example Valentine’s Day! ;-)


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