The Banker’s Bar at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel became until January 2 in a pop-up of a classic and award-winning bistro restaurant in New York, Bar Boulud.

With the prestigious Chef Daniel Bouloud and Thomas Piat as guest chef, you can try some of his most acclaimed dishes such as the Tunisian hot dog or black pudding croquettes.


The temporary Bar Bouloud Barcelona will also feature the legendary Boulud burgers (the yankee and the piggie), as well as other dishes on the menu with which diners can delight their senses.

And since there is not a good gastronomic tasting without a good pairing, the Bouloud label will also be present in both the wines of the menu, an exquisite selection of the best wines by Ruinart, and cocktails, being the White Cosmopolitan, the absolute protagonist.


A corner of New York in the heart of Barcelona, ​​thanks to Mandarin Oriental Hotel and that we can enjoy exclusively until January 2. If you want to enjoy it, however, do not forget to reserve your table.

A perfect way to enjoy Christmas at Paseo de Gracia.


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