On November 9th  Thai Barcelona restaurant will once again turn an even more night into a magical and special night.

Three years ago, during a dinner service at the restaurant, a Thai dance show was offered, which is usual during Thursday nights. Suddenly someone got up and started “flaming” the oriental rhythm that filled the room; it was Rafael Amargo.


What could have been a simple “Anecdote” became a dinner-show with a beneficial purpose: the benefits would go to the Catalan Association of Cystic Fibrosis. The result? An absolute success!

Three years later, Thai Barcelona offers this show again and will count on “maestro” Amargo as the protagonist to give all the benefits to the Catalan Association of Cystic Fibrosis.

This disease affects the respiratory and digestive system, limiting life expectancy and today there is still no complete cure for the disease. So your collaboration is key to moving forward in the pursuit of definitive cure.

A piece of Thailand in the heart of Barcelona

The hosts of the gala, the Thai Barcelona, ​​is one of the most popular oriental restaurants of the city.


Consolidated for more than 15 years and recognized by the Royal Embassy of Thailand, it offers a wide variety of dishes prepared according to the gastronomic tradition of Thai royalty. The wooden bridge that separates the restaurant from the bustle of the city welcomes us to this stronghold of calm and peace. The incense perfume and the tenuous soundtrack will make us travel to Thailand.


Do not miss a special night with a very special purpose!


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