Aristocrazy Barcelona reinvents their displays with Mucho’s collaboration

From November, Aristocrazy gave a boost to its flagship store in Barcelona thanks to exclusively designed facilities for this season displays, by a team of professionals of the creative design studio Mucho.

The creative staff wanted to capture the freshness and originality that characterizes them with a unique installation at the large window displays of the Passeig de Gràcia store, hand in hand with Aristocrazy’s craftwork and the personality of the city.

The conceptual design theme for the store windows is the snake, an iconic piece of their collection. This project is inspired on the most distinctive reptile traits: how their scales are revealed and their skin is renewed regularly. Snakes share, along with Passeig de Gràcia, a clear and distinctive formal geometry. The study has combined the prism idea, the light and the geometric structure of the Passeig tiles and the scales of a snake, which also convey the feeling of living inside a gem.

The materialization of this concept has resulted in a white modular structure based on Gaudí’s Panots (the hexagonal tiles of Passeig de Gràcia). The facility incorporates various methacrylate pieces of fluorescent colors forming a composition that varies depending on light conditions and evokes the snakeskin.

This initiative by Aristocrazy responds to the will of the jewelry brand to link with the personality that defines our city through shared values, such as design, and collaboration of local professionals to create innovative projects, as in this case, conducting ephemeral installations devised by different groups of designers of the creative Catalan scene.


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