One of the most emblematic establishments of the Passeig de Gràcia, Santa Eulalia, is an anniversary and celebrated it in style on Friday, April 6.

175 years of existence of one of the most influential fashion stores in the world is more than enough reason for a show like the one that the Barcelonians could witness.


The performance, created by the Catalan artist Miralda, consisted of a spectacular artistic parade that traveled a stretch of three kilometers between Pla de la Boqueria (where the first establishment of the firm was opened in 1843) and 93 of Passeig de Gràcia , where is your current location. This parade was attended by more than 80 musicians and 150 students of theater, dance and design from various universities and schools.


Before arriving at the store, a presentation was made in the gardens of the Palau Robert, enlivened with music and with the parliaments of the owners of the establishment: Luis Sans and Sandra Domínguez.


Finally, when we arrived at the trade façade, we discovered a gigantic dress made with more than 20,000 led lights, a work of Josep Maria Civit and where the martyr’s liturgy that gives name to the establishment was merged with a summary of the evolution of the fashion in almost two centuries, vertebrando a hundred of figures wearing great patterns of confection.


All those who could not attend the show, this will be repeated every night until the day of Sant Jordi.


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