The room of the Viennese Café of the Hotel Casa Fuster is of congratulations, since its cycle of jazz turns 10 years.

To celebrate with all the music lovers, special sessions have been scheduled in commemoration:

  • On Thursday, October 5, the Vienés Café All Stars will be held: This has been the name chosen for the creation of this group, formed by artists from four of the Jazz bands that usually perform at Casa Fuster sessions. Oriol Romaní, to the clarinet (Classic Jazz Quartet); Artur Regada, to the double bass (Dumpy Lobsters); Bernat Font, the piano (Bernat Font Trio) and the singer Big Mama Montse.

The concert will take place at Café Vienés, at 9:00 p.m.

  • And on Saturday, October 7, Barcelona All Stars: An exceptional formation composed by members of two prestigious bands, La Locomotora Negra and La Vella Dixieland. Both are coming together for the first time in their career, to perform this special concert with which they will finish the jazz cycle.

The concert will take place in the Domènech i Montaner Room at 10:00 p.m.


The Viennese Café This has been the scene of great jazz artists such as Woody Allen and his clarinet, who said the Viennese Café was “the best place to play music”, Yoshida Brothers, Eddy Davis, Conal Fowkes, Doc Scalon Trio, the New Orleans Rag Trio or the Barcelona Swing Serenaders.


The nights of Casa Fuster take you to clubs in New York or Chicago without leaving Barcelona.



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