Freywille merges Claude Monet’s artwork in its new jewelry collection

The Austrian brand offers customers a new collection of white and yellow gold jewels with manually painted enamels inspired by the works of the well-known French painter.

The renowned Austrian jewelry store FREYWILLE, located at number 106 of Paseo de Gracia, which elaborates exclusive and lovely artistic jewels of fire enamel, presents after intense months of work and design, its jewelry collection dedicated to the famous artist Claude Monet. Customers can find works belonging to Hommage to Claude Monet, Giverny and Orangerie. In addition, they complete the Iris collection, promoted by the artist family.

The Giverny collection, recreates the village gardens where he used to live, and in the Orangerie one the wonderful evenings that Monet captured with his brushes under his particular vision can be perceived. These new incorporations are pure impressionist redemptions executed with short and thick strokes, so characteristics of the impressionist art, showing the FREYWILLE craftsmen ability to express feelings and recreate part of the particular world of the French artist.

These new homages to Claude Monet can be discovered at the FREYWILLE boutique, as well as its new and singular scents: Magique, Innocent, Rose and Mystique liquid jewels of delicate aromas, sensual and feminine, presented in a packaging fully in line with the Vienna brand.


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